The DAVASO Group consists of DAVASO Holding GmbH serving as parent company to the legally and commercially independent companies DAVASO GmbH and gradient.Systemintegration GmbH.


Headquartered in Leipzig, DAVASO GmbH is the leading software and service provider in the healthcare industry. The company mainly specializes in solutions for statutory health insurance companies, including claims processing, auditing and billing services for pharmacies and other healthcare providers.

In 2017, DAVASO GmbH was formed by the merger of INTER-FORUM GmbH and Syntela IT-Dienstleistungs GmbH. The brand names INTER-FORUM and Syntela remain unchanged and continue serving the core business, while the brand DAVASO is mainly active in the field of new business and innovation.



gradient.Systemintegration GmbH has specialized in tailor-made software solutions integrated in existing systems offered to the healthcare market as well as the pharmaceutical and printing industries.

Customized software solutions are designed, developed and supported mainly at the head office in Singen with the main focus being solutions for statutory insurance associations. Gradient Systemintegration GmbH offers a comprehensive range of applications, including solutions for complex physicians’ medical accounts and data collection.

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